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Breast cancer

Propagated Electrical stimulation of the Breast

Prof. Degueldre


Over a period of a 15 years, all the female students of the International Institute of Chinese Medicine and Acupuncture were tested by propagated sensation of the Channel (PSC).

Electrical stimulation was conducted on the YANGMING Channel of foot (Stomach Channel) on more then one hundred persons.

The chosen points were:

The entry point: WUYI (St. 15) and the outgoing point: PUYUNG (St. 19).

The frequency was set to each individual until bearable sensation occurred.

The time for complete sensation of part of the meridian between the points WUYI and PUYUNG was different for each individual, the time of propagated sensation was calculated, and did varied between 1,4 and 2,3 cm per minute.

All candidates felt the electrical deviation at the point JUKEN (St. 18) towards the point PUYUNG (St. 19).

Once the sensation was fully complete, a wire of the same diameter, same length, and same curvature as the one found in the brassiere was placed on the part as the one of the brassiere (point JUKEN) with plus or minus the same pressure as the one of the brassiere.

Immediately, an unbearable pain occurred on a location above the point JUKEN, spreading towards the point PULANG (K. 22), SHIHTOU (Sp. 17) and JUCHUNG (St. 17).

This later point receiving the most pain which did not pass over it towards the point YINCHUANG (St. 16).

The pain disappeared quickly once the wire was removed, but came back immediately once placed on the same location again.

See the four pictures on the left



Head Ache

A 15 seconds technique developed by Prof. Degueldre

Points: Fengchi – GB20 (Bilateral) and a new point that called ‘Stomach Harmony’


Ask the patient to sit on a chair. A woman should undo the attachment of her bra. Stand on the right side of the patient. With the help of the left thumb and middle finger, press them firmly Fengshi on both side of the neck, while the major finger of the other hand press on the point ‘Stomach Harmony’. That finger takes the form of a hook as if the intention was to lift the patient from the ground. The pressure should be made in the same time by the 3 fingers. The patient should keep the head upwards at all time.

Note: The technique will be found in the book - One needle, one treatment - For details: click here

This is a 100% guaranty if well applied. The patient will feel the headache moving downwards in seconds.


Liver Disease and Aids

Liver disease

Some very interesting discoveries have been made on liver disease for the past 20 years. The application of the treatment of malaria is the base of those findings

Dealing with the Chinese medical philosophy, we know that the liver is the prime element in the Wu Hsing theory and is the first element of that theory.

Simplicity is always the answer to many problems, the capsicum minimum has fantastic curing capabilities, its application is made to the points; Taodao 陶道 and Dazhui 大椎.

It is simple and so effective. For details, click here


Aids and HIV

The International Institute of Chinese Medicine and Acupuncture, under the guidance of Prof. Degueldre has had some very interesting findings. People diagnosed with Aids were treated over a period of 3 months.

They were thereafter found negative from Aids, this to the surprise of Allopathic medicine.

There is a cure for all disease, sometimes, simplicity is the answer. We do not need to intoxicate ourselves with medications found at the pharmacy. Of course, many pharmaceutical companies will never agree with that statement for the simple reason that money is the prime objective of their business.

Many are interested in the development of natural medicine and remedies, Many diseases could be avoided if we all try to eliminate toxic elements found in food, artificial colouring, milk and dairy products, artificial sweetening like aspartame and of course, many sophisticated soft drink, and vitamins which will certainly deregulate the natural flow of our energy


Coccygeal Acupuncture

Prof. Degueldre

It is said that most of the discoveries are made by accident. The Coccygeal Acupuncture is certainly a consequence of ‘a one day experience’.

It all started about 25 years ago while doing research on electrical propagated energy for the treatment of cancer. My idea was that if we arrive to isolate the cancer cells with an electrical current, the cells, instead to expand, would implode and self destroying themselves. Nice thinking, all theoretical, but nothing practical.

The idea was to use two prosthesis, one to be located in the mouth, the other in the anus. Chinese Medical theory does explain some pathology of points situated in the mouth. As for the anus, not much has been written about it.

More then 8 months of research came to the conclusion that my consulting room and laboratory were ransacked and all my researches were stolen. Of course, I started again, and again after 6 months the same story happened. 
Now I was convinced that I was on the right path because people will not act in such manner if my work was without any interest.

Later, the opportunity to test a new technique happened one day with an Airline Captain coming back from Thailand. They had to pull him out of the cockpit, he could not move his legs and was completely paralyzed from the waist down. After a 5 day in a specialised hospital, no one could diagnose the disease.
His work as a pilot was finished and those people have the feeling that they have been condemned to death.

He decided to come and see me, this was in 1985. After my assistants put him on the table, I decided to insert a needle alongside the coccyx, from the apex towards the base of the coccyx. As I like to work with a few needle or mainly with one needle only, I inserted 2 more needles, one between the apex of sacrum and the base of the coccyx and another between the 1st and 2nd coccygeal notch.
It was my first experience in Coccygeal Acupuncture. I manipulated the needles every 20 minutes. After 1 hour, I removed the needles and to my surprise and his full happiness, he walked out from the table like nothing had ever happen to him. All my students were speechless and as for me, a new door of medicine was open.

Curiosity is my best friend, and being the one sometimes bored with easy problems but so stimulated with those considered as non curable. Of course, I tried many techniques with the coccygeal Acupuncture to find out that the simple one was always the best.

A new theory from Prof. Degueldre

The Triangular syndromes

The Triangular syndromes is a new analysis in the diagnosis of 'self personal knowledge'. It is base on the Universal Theory developed by Prof. Degueldre.
The aim is to understand the level of excess/deficiency, harmony /non-harmony of a patient with his/her own description.

It is a brand new approch to find an easy solution for their problems for as long as they are willing to understand the potential of their capabilities. It is a very new exiting theory easy to help many in their daily lives



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