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Newsletter from Beijing

The International Institute of Chinese Medicine and Acupuncture has a newsletter directed to any one interested in Chinese Acupuncture, Chinese Medicine and natural Medicine and specially to our members

We deal on specific topics which may interest most of us.

The advantage of a Newsletter is that it does keep a close contact with our friends around the world and gives them the possibility to write to us and ask any question concerning our specialty. Few do ask questions about a specific treatment and we are proud to answer them immediately or within a day.

The time in China is 6 hours ahead of Europe and Africa, and much more from America. Still, we are answering our friends 7 days a week.

The aim for our International Institute is to promote Chinese medicine and Acupuncture but also to exchange ideas about new cases, those cases being often considered as difficult one.

Some of our members are making discovery and enjoy their profession, we share their joy and we try to exchange their knowledge with others.

We are a non profitable institution, our aim is to promote our knowledge to those who wants to receive it, sometimes, we may find someone saturated with intellectual faculties. Still, so many do need help, thinking of those who have not the facility to communicate with others and explain their needs.

Note from Prof. Degueldre

Too many children are hungry while we have abundant food, too many are abused, raped, killed or simple without anyone to look after them.

I recall the story of one Belgian man. They found him in a dustbin when he was 6 months old, he was taken 'CARE OF' by the social service of that country. There he found some other children abandoned by their mother at birth. The love he needed was never given to him, he became angry towards people.

When I met him, he was in his 30th, laughing for nothing, looking as he was the top of the world.

In fact, he became very close to me, telling me about his life, he robed bank, sold drugs, working as a taxi driver and always running away from the police who were never treating him like a human being.

One day, he found a kind woman who did not care about his past, they married and had a beautiful little girl. He became the most delicious caring father I have ever met in my life. Not only he dressed like a gentleman but became friend with everyone, trying to help those in need, speaking about his wife in such a good way that everyone wanted to be in his company.

One day, his wife left him and took away his daughter. He came to see me and started to cry. Him the man, the boss, the gangster, the drug dealer, the friend of everyone.

There I understood that there is no cure for the love sickness but the strongest man can become an empty energy without anymore desire to live a normal life. His past became the present, just like when he was a small child were giving or receiving love was non-existent.

Life can be a burden if there is a missing element which allows the Energy Chi to flow at the maximum potential. Too many of us have lost their aim. Too many found themselves without those they love. They navigate the path of life without compass, they try to survive and submit themselves to the difficulties of everyday's life.

Many fathers are going to war, many of them have lost their path and too many do live with illusions, there as well there is no cure for the simple reason that war do destroy families and allow a child to miss the 'Ancestral Energy' of the father.

Millions of Children are without a father, or mother. They are not only without the love they need but also without the opportunity to respect their energy of the land, the one which we all desire and and need to be proud of.

This is a call for all mother, your child needs their father, respect him and consider him as the greatest man on earth, therefore you will all live a perfect harmony and keep a fantastic good health


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