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The International Institute of Chinese Medicine and Acupuncture offers the possibility to anyone, be they Doctors, Health care practitioners or not to become members of our International Institute, the I.I.C.M.A.

The aim of having a membership list is not only to promote Chinese medicine and Acupuncture but also to exchange ideas about news cases, those cases being often difficult one.

Some of our members are making discovery and enjoy their profession, we share their joy and we try to exchange their knowledge with others.

To become a member, there is a simple formality to fill up, a payment of 80,00 Euros or 120,00 US$ per annum, your certificate will be sent to you without delay.

Membership in Euro
Membership in US$

This money goes towards the publishing of our books, helping those in needs, giving free tuition to those who cannot afford to pay for it and in certain cases, we pay for their food and lodging.

We are a non profitable institution, our aim is to promote our knowledge to those who wants to receive it.


In the world today, many have association which deal with all aspects of life. More and more are trying to connect with similar sites. We often have demand to advertise them in our newsletters. We are willing to do so at the condition that those association are genuine to promote Chinese Medicine and Acupuncture and take part to develop the well being of those in need

Many are organising Seminars or Congress, the money is the main aim of the organisers. Many congress have nothing new to offer, it is why they offer touring, spectacle evening shows and so on. Only on few occasion the participant can say that they have made a step further in their knowledge and be able to apply those new techniques in their daily practices.

Too many are presenting statistics, Chinese Doctors do enjoy it, they do not realise that it has become boring, it seems that they have nothing new to share. Western Practitioners of Acupuncture seems to be able to develop Acupuncture in a faster way then their Chinese counterpart.

The statistics (because it is sometimes important) shows that less and less Chinese people do study Chinese Medicine and acupuncture, they go for the western Medicine faculties. They can earn more money that way.

Some Chinese Doctors, specially the older one, have a great knowledge in Chinese Medicine and Acupuncture. Unfortunately their way of life dictate them to keep their secrets for themselves

Here at the IICMA, we do not act that way, all the new discovery (ies) are made available to our members. We try to be simple, developing easy techniques which can solve many problems.


If you wish to become a member of the IICMA, contact us at: Click here



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