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The IICMA is proud to announce the publication of the latest book of Prof. Degueldre.

The book is called 'A needle in my hand'.

A Needle in my hand, A legacy to Chinese Acupuncture, 1175 pages, size A4, all the pictures describing the channels are in colours and designed from a live model. It has a hard cover with gold inscription.

The book is unique, with many new topics never described before like the discovery from Prof. Degueldre of the Coccygeal acupuncture, many techniques are detailed as to treat many ailments in one treatment with one needle only, the description for the treatment of more then 260 ailments by the composition points, the treatment of liver diseases in 3 treatments, an hypothesis on the explanation of pain and ache, the theory of the universal trinary from the Author, and many more

A needle in my hand is the biggest book ever written about acupuncture, it does represent more then 25 years of experience and more was added to the description of the pathology of the points. The book is easy to read, clear and certainly a valuable 'must have' for the practitioners and students of Chinese medicine and acupuncture or those practicing natural medicine

All the books are hand made with beautiful designs drawn by the author and is published by the International Institute of Chinese Medicine and Acupuncture (Beijing). for details, go to: click here


Also available from the IICMA


1 - The composition points in Acupuncture practice.

(More then 260 ailments treated by the composition points). It is a PDF format, easy to navigate, just click the ailment title and you are immediately at the composition points. A must for the Acupuncture practitioner


2 - The Universal Trinary plus the Gate of harmony from Prof. Degueldre.

A new theory found by Prof. Degueldre. it is the explanation of a missing element in the theory of yin-yang, the barrier between the Shang and Xia. It is called Zhong. As simply said, open the door to allow the natural flow of Energy Chi. The Gate of Harmony is a natural writing based on the principle that nothing is good, nothing is bad, everything is comparison. Prof. Degueldre maintain that the truth for all is the only truth


3 - Auriculotherapy

Well known to the practitioner. Here we offer a simple but complete reference to all the points found inside and outside the ear with a complete combination of points for the application to the treatment. This CD or Download offers as well the different aspect of diagnosis. The Gate of Harmony is a gift to those buying the course


4 - Chinese Medical Philosophy and the Basic of Acupuncture theory

It represent more then 130 pages size A4 of details about those two courses. All the design are in colours and the graphics well presented. It is probably the best courses one can buy


5 - The medical sexuality or the non religious sex

It is analised from the new theory of the Universal Trinary from Prof. Degueldre. It explain the question of Heterosexuality and Homosexuality trough the simplicity of that new theory. It is written as a question and answer debate


6 - The Chinese Diagnosis

A complete course full of colour and black and white designs. Very few books can pretend to be so complete. Great details about the Zang-Fu pathology, it does includes the tongue and pulse diagnosis


7 - Theoretical non-Channel points

More then 260 extra points with their location and pathology, many design and well detailed graphics


8 - The Gate of Harmony

This book was written in one day from Prof. Degueldre. The truth for all is the only truth, this is the base of all the different principles of life. It includes 350 principles which deal with all aspect of life. It was once said that this book was the bible of many. It is a free gift for all new members


9 - One Needle One Treatment

This books full of colour pictures explain how to treat 35 Ailments with one needle only and in one treatment. The book has been translated in the Romanian language


10 - Theoretical Acupuncture

Probably the best ever written book on Acupuncture. The pathology of the points have been detailed to the extreme. All the graphics are in colour. A life model pictures are the base of all the details. It does explain and point out to mistakes found on certain renowned literatures towards not only the location of the points but the pathway of the Channel. A must for all


11 - Acupuncture for immediate pain relieve

A detailed course base from the work of Prof. Fan. A well designed and clear graphics for the easy understanding of that theory


12 - Coccygeal Acupuncture

A discovery made by Prof. Degueldre in 1982. The simple way to explain it, it is simply the answer for the treatment of difficult cases or cases called 'Very Strange'. Some very difficult cases were solved in one treatment.


13 - Embryonic Acupuncture or ECIWO

The basic understanding of the work of Prof. Yingqin Zhang of the Shandong University. This course is a complement to the general knowledge of Acupuncture, the theory does not involve the theory of the Jin Luo. It is very well designed and simply presented.


14 - Magnetic Acupuncture

It is developed by Prof. Degueldre who has designed the magnetic plasters to replace the Acupuncture needle. Those plasters have nothing in common with the normal magnet found today. They are specifically designed to be self adhesive and include some specific Chinese herbs to treat different ailment. They are placed on the Acupuncture points. They are contrary to the Acupuncture needle, painless and easy to remove.

For more details,Click here


15 - The Trinatique

- A new energetical gymnastic invented by Prof. Degueldre. (How to sweat and remove toxins without moving)


16 - Energetical Breathing

The energetical breathing is a magic cure for all diseases, the universe is infinity in all directions, The energetical breathing should be the same.


17 - Hypothesis on Ache and Pain

An hypothesis of the understanding on ache and pain, some very valuable observations as why our body can control pain and ache


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All books are in PDF form only

To order, simply send a mail to: with the tittle of your book (In English or French language) and we shall send you the invoice. Please select if you will pay in Euros or US$

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