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Traditional Chinese Medicine, in general, and Acupuncture, in particular, have been lying within the reach of the Western world for over 200 years, but, notwithstanding, only over the past few decades have these gemstones of knowledge witnessed due recognition of their value.  
The mounting interest in this field echoes the ever increasing earnestness with which it has been investigated.
It can be ascertained that Traditional Chinese Medicine has gradually achieved all the accomplishments that were necessary to ensure its pathway to an undeniably successful recognition in the field of modern medicine, needless to say, underlain by thousands of studies conducted by an entire array of practitioners and researchers.


The ´Nei Ching´ also known as ¨The Yellow Emperor’s Classic of Internal Medicine¨ is believed to be the first book ever written on Chinese medicine. The Yellow Emperor Huang Di (2697-2599) lived and worked on his opus around 

Apart from harmonious nutrition, the Nei Ching recommends Acupuncture, Moxibustion and massage as aids to good health, clearly placing both Acupuncture and Moxibustion as recognised therapies as long ago as 2000 B.C. 

Intriguingly although Acupuncture and Moxibustion are widely accepted to be Chinese in origin, the recent discovery of the Tyrolean Iceman has suggested that a form of therapy involving acupuncture points was practiced in Europe over 5,000 years ago. The Iceman sports a number of tattoos along Acupuncture channels on his back which correspond closely with Acupuncture paths still used today.

Stone ´needles´ found in prehistoric tombs and dated around 2000 B.C. are further evidence of the widespread practice of acupuncture in ancient times. Since the development of casting techniques acupuncture needles made from bronze, iron, silver, gold and alloy steel were introduced. 

Coronary heart disease, though it seems a plague of our modern times, was also a recognised, serious medical condition in ancient China. Records show that as far back as 2,000 years ago, acupuncture was used as a treatment for heart disease.

In more recent times, acupuncture made its debut in the sceptical western world during the middle of 1900. Despite its long history, it was greatly criticised by the scientific world as being a mere placebo. Although scientists of the day might grudgingly admit the effectiveness of acupuncture therapy they gave credit for any improvement in the patient to the patient’s own gullibility - he or she had been tricked into a mental self-healing process.  Completely oblivious to the underpinning philosophy of acupuncture, during the 1970’s, Europeans thought that acupuncture would only work if the patient believed in the philosophy of Mao Tze Tung. A group of fifteen French doctors were invited to China to assist in a full hysterectomy on twenty rabbits under anaesthesia by acupuncture. The operations were successful, and when the French doctors enquired how it was possible, the answer was clear, ‘We have indoctrinated the rabbits in the philosophy of Mao’!




Acupuncture is a means of perturbing the Energy Chi (Qi) of a living creature with the assistance of needles implanted into the body with the resultant effect of restoring the natural energetic balance of the energy and thereby enabling one to maintain a healthy life.
Acupuncture is a complex theory involving the manipulation of the Universal Chi which for thousand of years has been the guardian of so many.
We can consider three types of acupuncture. The first one, the simple one which does not require any knowledge of complicated theories, is the implantation of needles to a recent painful area. It gives a relief of short duration. The second one implies some tricks or formulae which were generally transmitted from father to son and which does not require the analysis of the source of the disease and its interactions on the internal organs. The third one, the real acupuncture which I describe here in this book, requires the knowledge and analysis of not only the energy Chi which is at the base of all functional diseases but also the study of the pulses, the analysis of the inter-relations between the Zang-Fu organs, the study and analyse of the four Zhen taking into account the theory of Wu xing (the theory of the five circulations) aims to equilibrate the natural flow of the Energy Chi.
Contrary to Western Medicine, Chinese Medicine and Acupuncture sees the body as a whole entity and acts to maintain a harmony in the Chi circulation.
It is difficult for the Western person to understand that motion of energy, especially where the abuse of toxic medication modifies the natural reactions of a person.
Acupuncture today is the result of thousand of years of observations, some being of great interest for the whole world.
It is important to realise that it is not the invasion of ‘foreign elements’ to the body which is important but the way the weakness of the body is accepting that invasion. Anyone can be sick in his own way; therefore I shall say that ‘Is sick the one who merits it?’.
Immunisation is the highest form of medicine, and it is certain that not only the philosophy of Chinese medicine but its approach to sickness which is the primordial element to maintain good health.
A treatment of acupuncture made by a qualified practitioner is free from any side effects. The exception is clearly made of those practising the art while they are not qualified to do so. This is the case of many and specially western doctors practicing the art and allowed to do so by their medical council by using any ‘means’ to achieve an objective of treatment. How wrong they are and how ignorant are those laws.
Accidents have occurred while practising acupuncture, sometimes having the dramatic effect such as having a patient dying from the insertion of needles. Acupuncture is a medical art, which requires a complete understanding of both its theory and its practice.
The third level of acupuncture cannot have the curing effect without a full analysis of the energetical aspect of the patient; this can only be achieved through the four Zhen Chinese diagnosis.
You cannot play rugby applying the rules of soccer, like you cannot analyse the energetical aspect of a patient with the western diagnosis. Still, today certain countries, like my country of birth, contend that only those having the knowledge of western diagnosis are competent to practise acupuncture. How wrong they are.
Most countries around the world have now accepted acupuncture and Chinese medicine as part of their medical scheme. Private or government medical schools are offering courses which are strictly regulated by their governments. The consequence is that more and more people prefer the non toxic way of treatment like acupuncture to the western medications.
It will not be long before we see, like in China, hospitals where patients can choose between western medicine and Chinese medicine and acupuncture. Where everyone will work hand in hand for the well being of human kind.
We must not make any mistakes; doors of knowledge are available to anyone.

Those who have no more to learn will have wasted a life time of opportunities. 

J-C Degueldre  

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