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J-C Degueldre
Dr. Jean-Claude Degueldre

Prof. Chinese Medicine and Acupuncture


The International Institute of Chinese Medicine and Acupuncture

Executive Director

The World Association of Chinese Medicine (Beijing)

Honorary member

The Romanian Medical Acupuncture

Presidential physician for 10 years

Has serve

The WHO for malaria in Africa

Past Professor and Chairman

The South African College of traditional Chinese Medicine

Past Professor

The IICMA in China

Past Chairman and vice Chairman of 3 World congress

Writer and Inventor

8th Dan Aikido and Qi master

A Needle in my hand, A legacy to Chinese Acupuncture, 1175 pages, size A4, all the pictures describing the channels are in colours and designed from a live model. It has a hard cover with gold inscription.

The book is unique, with many new topics never described before like the discovery from Prof. Degueldre of the Coccygeal acupuncture.

Many techniques are detailed as to treat many ailments in one treatment with one needle only, the description for the treatment of more then 260 ailments by the composition points, the treatment of liver diseases in 3 treatments, an hypothesis on the explanation of pain and ache, the theory of the universal Trinary from the Author, and many more

A needle in my hand is the biggest book ever been written about acupuncture, it does represent more then 25 years of experience and more was added to the description of the pathology of the points.

The book is easy to read, clear and certainly a valuable ' must have ' for the practitioners and students of Chinese medicine and acupuncture or those practicing natural medicine

All the books are hand made with beautiful designs drawn by the author and is published by the International Institute of Chinese Medicine and Acupuncture (Beijing)

A book for a life time study and references.













one needle

















A lifetime devotion to Chinese medicine and the well being around the world


Professor Jean-Claude Degueldre

Introductory note from Doctor Dan Vlad Filimon
Doctorand at the Medical University of Iasi
Vice President of the Romanian Medical Acupuncture Association


 Professor Jean-Claude DEGUELDRE is one of the most illustrious practitioners in the field of the Medical Traditional Chinese Science, being the notable successor of some great doctors about whom the reports tell that have made real miracles, such as Huang Fu Mi, Zhen Quan, Sun Simio, Wang Wei Yi, Wang Gendung, Yang Jiznou and many others.

These doctors have scored great successes enriching the methods of diagnosis and treatment, but they have distinguished themselves through inventing new, original others thus enriching more the inheritance of the medical tradition of the ancient and medieval China.

From this point of view Jean-Claude Degueldre is a great inventor in the wide field of this science.

He created a new variant of cranium-puncture, intuiting and then realising through steady study the existence of a projection of a holographic type of the body whose components are orientated along the sutures of the skull bones.

This method can be used for many sufferings, from hemiplegy up to serious troubles of the internal organs, but having the advantage of a fast solving of some painful syndromes rebel to other treatments.

The method is an excellent piece of news in treating pains and it is called coccigeal acupuncture, representing one more proof of the fact that the parts of the human body are projected in a holographic manner at the level of all extremities, such as auriculo- acupuncture, mano- and podopuncture etc.

The great merit of Professor Degueldre comes from the fact that he could demonstrate in an indubitable way that at the level of coccyx there is a very intense energetical zone...

On the other hand, this discovery reveals the coincidence of the placing the acupuncture zone with the Kundalini Ceakra described by the Vedic medicine.

Master Degueldre amazed the audience by solving happily a paresis of the posterior train, at a pilot to whom the allopathic medicine gave no chance and he solved the case in only 20 minutes.

He also succeeded in discovering new methods of treating some diseases with a single needle, improving the performance to which many Chinese masters who practiced the art of acupuncture have aspired.

It is also very important his performance of having discovered new points of acupuncture with remarkable effects for different types of sufferings.

After researches that have implied strong knowledge of herboristics and the effects of magnetic fields on certain points of acupuncture, he established the method of magnetic plasters applying with good results to many various diseases and syndromes.

These remarkable results were possible due to the accuracy of Professor's thinking, to his capacity of meditation and profound understanding of the thesaurus of the ancient Chinese philosophy.

An excellent proof is his important work The Gate of Harmony, a very dense paper, full of the typical wisdom of great masters of the genre. This book is and will be in the future not only the guide of the acupuncture doctor, but also of all the categories of thinkers and researchers.

All these performances have put Professor Degueldre in the highest position, that of President of The International Institute of Acupuncture and Traditional Chinese Medicine from Beijing and also its Executive Director - World Association of Chinese Medicine - Beijing.

This is, in some words, the author of the present guide.

In his short preamble, Professor Degueldre notices that the practitioners, who are beginners, find many difficulties of understanding some specific notions for the Traditional Chinese Medicine.

We considered necessary to make explicit, especially for the allopathic doctors from the West, some of these notions, as shortly as possible, in the few chapters following the "Preamble" introduced by Professor in the edition of the guide, admirably entitled: "One Needle - One Treatment”.

Doctor Dan Vlad Filimon



A Needle in my Hand



Book 1 - Chinese Medical Philosophy
Book 2 - The Universal Trinary
Book 3 - Basis of Acupuncture
Book 4 - Theory of Acupuncture
Book 5 - The Non-Channel Points
Book 6 - Through and Through Acupuncture
Book 7 - Auriculotherapy
Book 8 - Chinese Diagnostic
Book 9 - One Needle, One Treatment
Book 10 - Scalp Acupuncture for immediate pain Relief
Book 11 - Coccygeal Acupuncture
Book 12 - The Combination Points in Acupuncture Practice
Book 13 - Basic of Anaesthesia
Book 14 - Basic Embryonic Acupuncture
Book 15 - The Technique of implantation of needles
Book 16 - The Sexual Medicine
Book 17 - Our Food
Book 18 - The Gate of Harmony
Book 19 - Pain and ache
Book 20 - General note

Reaction towards the book:

From Belgium, Chris wrote

whoa super !  Never saw such a complete book. A big thank you for writing it !!!! , Back to reading now hihihi

From Australia, Kristina wrote:

Thank you, thank you, what a book, what a piece of work

From Romania, Titiana wrote:

What can I say, only thank you

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NB: the book is 4 KG

Description of the book

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Books available in PDF format

In English or French languages

Chinese Pulsology

In English

The Chinese pulsology, the master element to the chinese diagnosis.

It will explain the basic concept as how to analise the equilibrium of the Zhang-Fu organs and guide you towards a better understanding of the treatment to apply to the patient.

Price: Euro: 9,99 - US$: 12,95


The Chinese medical philosophy -

La philosophie medicale Chinoise -

In English - En Français


The Chinese medical philosophy is the base of all understanding of Chinese medicine and acupuncture.

This book will explain all the aspect of the theory of Yin-Yang, the energies regulating our life and the dominations or destruction. It explain the theory of the Wu Hsing or the five circulations and all the aspects of weakness or excess.

La philosophie de la médecine chinoise est la base de toute compréhension de la médecine chinoise et l'acupuncture.

Ce livre vous expliquera tout l'aspect de la théorie du Yin-Yang, les énergies qui régularisent  notre vie et ses dominations ou  destruction. Il explique la théorie du Hsing Wu ou les cinq circulations et tous les aspects de faiblesse ou excès.

Price: Euro: 9,99 - US$: 12,95


The sexual medicine -

La medecine sexuelle -

In English - En Français

 Over 98% of divorces are caused by misunderstanding of sex and the boredom  it can bring  due to lack of knowledge of his techniques, and the fantastic effect beneficial to those who can sit and wonder why they slide into impotence, or just a total lack of sexual interest.
The theory of the Universal trinary of prof. Degueldre takes you to a simple explanation of our sex life and the abuses it may bring in our lives

Plus de 98% des divorces sont causés par l'incompréhension du sexe et de l'ennui qu'elle peut apporter en raison du manque de connaissance de ses techniques, et l'effet fantastique bénéfique à ceux qui peuvent s'asseoir et se demander pourquoi ils glissent vers l'impuissance, ou tout simplement d'un manque total d'intérêt sexuel.

La theorie du trinaire Universel du prof. Degueldre vous conduit vers une explication simple de notre vie sexuelle et les abus qu'ils peuvent subvenirs dans notre vie

Price: Euro: 13,50 - US$: 17,50


The gate of harmony -

La porte de l'hamonie - 

In English - En Français


What is true for all is the only truth, the gate of harmony will lead you towards simplicity and respect of all aspects of life.

The principles in this book guides you to understand the very basics of all things  

Ce qui est vrai pour tous est la seule vérité; la porte de l'harmonie vous mènera vers la simplicité et le respect de tous les aspects de la vie.
Les principes de ce livre vous guideront afin de comprendre les bases mêmes de toutes choses

Price: Euro: 4,99 - US$: 6,50


The Chinese diagnosis Wang Zhen -

Le diagnostique Chinois Wang Zhen -

In English - En Français

The Chinese diagnosis Wang Zhen is one of the four diagnosis in Chinese medicine, to observe the face, the hands, the wrinkels and so on. the book is full of pictures and drawings for the simple understanding of its theory 

Le diagnostique Chinois Wang Zhen  est l'un des quatre diagnostique de la médecine chinoise. 

Il permet d'observer le visage, les mains, les rides du visage, les ongles, la couleur de la peau et ainsi de suite. Le livre est plein de photos et de dessins pour la simple compréhension de sa théorie.

 Price: Euro: 13,50 - US$: 17,50


One needle - One treatment -

In English only

Some practitionners have the tendancy to use too many needles, it may explain their fees

This book explains the use of one needle in 30 ailments, this in only 1 treatment. Each case is explained with the help of pictures and easy to read 

 Price: Euro: 9,95 - US$: 12,95


The treatment of liver diseases -

In English only

This simple technique has been proven over and over again since the early 1980's

Tests were made on more the 1200 people and results were positive at 97%. Many practionners who took the course at the IICMA have had great satisfaction with the technique and it is simply promising for other diseases. The treatment is very simple and requires only 3 treatments

 Price: Euro: 45,00 - US$: 58,00


The combination points in Acupuncture practice - 

In English

More then 260 combination points in daily practice of Acupuncture. A must for the practionners.

Price: Euro: 13,50 - US$: 17,50


The coccygeal acupuncture -

In English only

The coccygeal acupuncture has been developed by Prof. Degueldre.

It has shown the way of a new possibility for the treatment of cases called 'Strange'. It has the faculty to remove obstacle in the Chi stagnation

 Price: Euro: 5,50 - US$: 7,20


The accidental blindness -

In English only

Accidental blindness can be cured. It does require many treatments and patience. Only the experience practionner will offer a positive result

Price: Euro: 9,99 - US$: 12,95


The scalp acupuncture for immediate pain relief -

In English only

The scalp acupuncture for immediate pain relief was developed by Prof. Fan in the late 1949.

He developed his technique while imprisoned by the red army. It is a great technique for those who are customed with the flying needle.

This little book has many graphics and easy to understand

 Price: Euro: 10,50 - US$: 13,50


The propagation of energy in accidental motor impairement -

In English only

A motor impairment due to a fracture of the spine is no easy task. Energy Chi has its secrets.

Reeducation of atonic limbs is another matter. 

Price: Euro: 5,95 - US$: 7,50


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